Personal Liability Insurance

Comprehensive Liability Insurance Options

Protect yourself from liability in the event of a disaster with a professional liability insurance policy offered by AreaWide Insurance Agency in Naples, TX. Our mission is to protect everything you hold dear and to help you choose the right policies for your lifestyle. Liability insurance protects home and business owners in the event of a lawsuit where you would otherwise be liable for damages. People often don’t realize the extent to which they are responsible for harming another person or business through negligence, and often these people are not covered correctly in order to be protected from being held solely responsible for payment. You are responsible for any injury you cause on and off your property—or damages caused by your pets or children—as well as legal fees that surround the lawsuit. That’s why it’s imperative to your financial future to have public liability insurance if you own a home, business, or pet, or if you have minors living with you that you are legally responsible for.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers everything from attorney fees and investigative costs to damage awards up to the policy limit if you are found legally liable. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard for! Call AreaWide Insurance Agency today to speak with an agent about your policy options. We’ll gladly go over various policies and coverage options to find the one that’s right for you.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    • Attorney Fees
    • Investigative Costs
    • Court Costs
    • Damage Award
  • Various Coverage Options
  • Residential and Commercial Liability Insurance